Here's a snapshot of me: I create art, write poems, model, and occasionally take photographs - most of the work here is mine unless stated otherwise.

I shoot tasteful, artistic nudes on a highly selective basis with photographers - if this offends you then kindly stay off my page.

I like beautiful, feminine and sensuous images, and am not remotely interested in any tacky, unimaginative glamour work or photography that is in any way degrading towards women.

For any art commissions or modelling work, please contact me on - I'm all ears!

It seems to me that the desire to make art produces an ongoing experience of longing, a restlessness sometimes, but not inevitably, played out romantically, or sexually. Always there seems something ahead, the next poem or story, visible, at least, apprehensible, but unreachable. To perceive it at all is to be haunted by it; some sound, some tone, becomes a torment - the poem embodying that sound seems to exist somewhere already finished. It’s like a lighthouse, except that, as one swims towards it, it backs away.

- Louise Glück / Proofs & Theories: Essays on Poetry

"   I want to write a novel about silence…the things people don’t say.   "
Virginia Woolf