Here's a snapshot of me: I create art, write poems, model, and occasionally take photographs - most of the work here is mine unless stated otherwise.

I shoot tasteful, artistic nudes on a highly selective basis with photographers - if this offends you then kindly stay off my page.

I like beautiful, feminine and sensuous images, and am not remotely interested in any tacky, unimaginative glamour work or photography that is in any way degrading towards women.

For any art commissions or modelling work, please contact me on - I'm all ears!


I used to think modelling would be an easy job, and I suppose if you are agency represented then it is easier, granted, but I have always been self represented. It gives me more creative freedom and I get to choose who I want to work with. This saves me having to deal with any potentially unpleasant, unprofessional photographers. However, it does mean I have a lot more work to do outside of shoots!

I spend an insane amount of time dealing with emails as I am constantly chasing work, organising shoots, booking in dates and travel (trains and planes), and discussing ideas as well as editing images. By editing I mean narrowing images down to the best 3 as I sometimes I receive 30 to 50 to choose from - but I believe in quality above quantity, less is more!

It involves a hell of a lot of networking, which can be time consuming, but an online presence is essential. This means you should get yourself on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and post your modelling photos on them at regular intervals.

Portfolios always need to be current and up-to-date. I suggest having several and mixing the photos up, so that you have some variety. Recommended online sites include Purpleport, Model Society (for art nude models) and Portfora. Model Mayhem is also popular with the general public, and there are also plenty of others online. But be careful as lots are seedy! You will need to use your own intuition to weed out the losers.

Character-wise, some valuable model traits include: excellent organisational skills. persistence, determination, and strength of character. I would also add that a grounded character is of paramount importance as modelling is a strange profession that can wear you down if you are not this. I have heard so many stories of models being taken advantage of, and losing their sense of self as they have been swept away by the lure of money and fame, only to regret their actions afterwards. 

And finally…always state your modelling levels clearly before you commit to a shoot, to avoid any awkwardness. Arrive on time for a shoot and be professional - no diva tendencies, not ever as this will lose you jobs! Above all, have fun getting creative (:

Peace out…

Vanessa Sicre